How to Bypass Blocked PayPal Account in your Country and Open a free PayPal Accounts that Receives Money

by Paularo | Last Updated: February 23, 2019

Some countries can’t use PayPal accounts while others are free to open PayPal accounts but can’t receive money into their PayPal account.

Learn how to bypass blocked PayPal account today.

Ideally, a PayPal account should be an account that that can send and receive funds from anywhere in the world making online transactions safe and secure. But due to some activities and decisions made by PayPal and some countries, PayPal isn’t accessible or isn’t fully unlocked for people living in some countries.

Maybe it’s an intentional ploy or plan because said countries are mostly 3rd world countries. For example, most African countries can open a PayPal account. They can link their local bank accounts to their PayPal accounts, they can make online payments via PayPal with the account but they can’t receive money with that PayPal account.

paypal account receives money

This looks good on paper but it’s very bad because it forces users of such PayPal accounts to only spend money via PayPal with no way to receive money from that platform.

So people are spending money, making online purchases, ordering goods online, and so on but when it’s time to receive some PayPal funds and that is through a legitimate business transaction, you can’t seem to receive funds with that PayPal account.

What is the reason why these countries can’t receive PayPal funds? Why? Is it because of what there fellow shady countrymen have done in the past? We don’t know but that shouldn’t hinder legitimate business owners from receiving money with their local PayPal accounts straight to their bank accounts.

Well, since we don’t have the reason why some countries were blocked and why some are only allowed to use only some PayPal account features. We have to do things ourselves because we don’t know when PayPal would legally accept your country and add it to the list of the trusted countries they can do business with.

Don’t forget, everything is business.

blocked paypal account

How to Bypass Blocked PayPal Access in your Country

The best way to bypass a totally blocked PayPal access in your country is to use a VPN service, you can go for free VPNS or premium ones depending on if you want to spend money or not.

I recommend using a free VPN.

Because you won’t be spending much time using the VPN.

How to Open a free PayPal Accounts that Receives Money

For most 3rd world countries, especially African countries, there is a simple solution to this which is to open a South African PayPal account.

Don’t be shocked. South African PayPal accounts are full-fledged PayPal accounts with everything unlocked. To be honest, South African is only geographically located in Africa, it’s not an African country. Some people call it the white man African town.

Easy steps.

  1. Go to PayPal South Africa using this link
  2. Register an account. It’s free!
  3. If you have a legitimate business and want to be able to receive money for your hard work through PayPal, get a business account.
  4. The rest details should be normal, fill the forms. Give them all the ID they request for.
  5. Use fakeaddressgenerator to generate a random address in South Africa. (Important)
  6. Complete registration.
  7. Now, you have a free verified PayPal account that can receive money from anywhere in the world.