How to Check GPU in Windows 10 (Easy Method)

by Paularo | Last Updated: January 26, 2019

Use this easy method to learn how to check GPU Windows 10. All you need to do is follow these simple steps, and you are well on your way to checking your GPU in Windows 10 without using any software or tool.

In case you don’t know. GPU means Graphics Processing Unit, and it’s used to handle games, video rendering, 3D animation, and other heavy graphical tasks on a computer. It works side by side with the CPU which is the Central Processing Unit. Interested in getting a new 2 in 1 laptop.

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Having a good CPU and GPU means you are going to enjoy using your computer.

gaming laptop guide gpu

Some people check their GPU to know the dedicated video memory because it’s that number that would enable you to play games and the settings you can use in-game. Think of the dedicated video memory as your laptop RAM memory, each game consumes different memory sizes depending on the video quality you set in the game settings so having a higher dedicated video memory than the game needs is the sweet spot, and this means your GPU than handle all the graphically elements the game is pushing.

With this easy method of checking GPU in Windows 10, you will see your advanced graphics settings and video adapter information which include the following.

I will not be surprised if you don’t know if your laptop has a graphics card or not. Well is only a short quick tutorial to enable you to identify if your computer has a graphics card or not.

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Learn How to Check GPU Windows 10

advanced display settings

display adapter propertie for display 1

check gpu windows 10

Mine is Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, and it has Dedicated Video Memory of 12288MB (12GB VRAM), that’s pretty high.

Check the Adapter Type to know the specific name of your graphics card. It’s either you see either Nvidia or AMD Radeon which means you have a graphics card, but if you see Intel HD Graphics Family, you don’t have a graphics card, and that’s probably why you can’t play top games on your computer because you don’t have a gaming laptop or gaming PC.