How to Identify the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies in 2020

by Paularo | Last Updated: March 6, 2020

The best laptop for streaming movies in 2020 is my favorite because we stream every day and we need the best laptops that can enable fast streaming with 4K screen display.

What is the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies?

The Best Overall in the list is the Dell XPS 15 7590. This laptop’s 4K OLED Display is unmatched making it the most vibrant display in the list. You will certainly enjoy eye-popping colors that would truly immerse you in the movies you stream.

The other reason that makes this stand out is its powerhouse set of hardware that could take on anything you throw at it. This is definitely your next ultimate business and media laptop.

How much do I need to buy the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies?

To get the Best Overall which is the Dell XPS 15 7590 you only need to shell out $1,743.75 on Amazon. It is truly a steep price to pay for a laptop but if you consider what you get out of this device, it is also, truly, the bang for the buck.

Already equipped with the 9th Generation Intel Core i7 with 16GB of High-performance RAMs along with 256GB SSD and a dedicated NVIDIA GTX 1650, you are getting all of that money back to you with this Dell XPS 15 7590.

What is the cheapest Best Laptop for Streaming Movies?

If you are looking for the cheapest Best Laptop for Streaming movies, then the HP Spectre x360 might just be for you. Say goodbye to the professional design and say hello to elegance and luxury. Despite its luxurious looks, the HP Spectre x360 beats all of the others in the list, in terms of price, by a large margin.

If you could live with its setbacks of only 300 nit brightness and overly outdated large bezels, as well as being just 13 inches in screen estate, then this might just be the laptop that’s right for your pockets.

Why do you Need the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies

If you are a true movie buff or a semi-cinephile or just loves watching movies as a whole, then you are the type of person that spends much of your time watching or streaming movies. And I am sure that you’d want to have the best movie experience on every movie you choose to watch. That is why you need the best laptop for watching or streaming movies.

When you start comparing the old displays to the UHD ones, you’d notice the difference. The difference that you’ve been missing out on these movies for the last couple of years. I guess, just like me, you too, must make the switch to UHD.

Who Needs the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies

If you are fond of watching movies and you spend so much time doing so, then you need the best laptop for Streaming Movies. If you allocate a chunk of your time for this specific hobby, then you’d definitely appreciate the upgrade the 4K resolution would bring.

 If you are just a graphic enthusiast, wanting to enjoy the finest details in all of your applications, then this list might just be appealing for you too. There is so much you could do on these laptops such as editing and rendering videos. If you are into these types of activity or just business and wants an upgrade in overall detail, then you need these laptops.

Who the Best Laptop for Streaming Movies is NOT for?

Everybody who loves watching movies would love getting a UHD. But that does not mean that everyone should get a UHD. Full HD is also quite enjoyable for movie streaming. In fact, almost everybody streams on Full HD now. If you just plan on getting a lappie for movie specifically and does not delve into the finer details, then the majority of laptops available on the market right now might just suit your needs.

If you are the person that plans on using your laptop strictly for productivity, then these laptops might also not be for you, simply because there are so much available out there that could give you all of those at a fraction of the price.


Streaming movies have never been this easy. People have moved from renting old movies to simply just subbing to Netflix and let the internet do its thing. And because of Netflix’s success, many other notable companies are making its way to become Netflix’s competitors soon. (I’m talking about you Disney+)

This is definitely something that is going to excite all of the movie lovers out there. And how better for us to prepare for all of that than to get the best laptop for streaming movies.