21 Must-Have Summer Vacation Devices

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Summer is a season characterized by people from different nations moving from one part of the globe to the other. If writing papers takes too much of your free time, check out Term Paper Easy, and free yourself some precious summertime.

People travel to experience good weather, relax, explore, and relish the different cultures. With technology innovations, traveling is much more exciting now. 

21 Summer Vacation Devices

  • The Sand-Free Mat by Gear. One of the most annoying things about going to the beach is the sand. The mat sieves the sand right through the material, leaving you to enjoy a sand-free trip home.
  • Video Drone – Protocol. Drones are very trendy and popular. The Protocol drone can take videos as long as 40 minutes and with cool tricks and flips.
  • Luggage Scooter – Micro Kickboard. Worrying about how you will carry your luggage? This interesting suitcase doubles as a scooter.
  • Pacsafe Backpack. It has anti-theft features that keep your things safe, especially if you are visiting a populated area. It also comes with a compartment that secures electronic gadgets from hackers. 
  • Underwater Scooter – WhiteShark. An underwater scooter perfect for you to explore the world under the ocean. Grip the handlebars, and the gadget drives you through the marine.
  • Underwater Drone – PowerRay. Discover the underwater world without getting wet. The gadget can take good still shots and videos. It is capable of diving to a depth of up to 30 meters underwater.
  • Underwater Camera – SunnyLife. The 35mm camera makes use of antiquated film that enables you to take photos at 6.5 feet underwater.
  • Watershot Pro iPhone Housing. A trendy gadget that allows you to use your iPhone as an underwater camera. The device is a waterproof case that can house a distinct lens and your handset. It enables you to take videos under the water. 
  • Solar-charged Power Bank. A solar-charged power bank that comes in handy, especially with the sunny weather. 
  • Wireless Headphones. No one enjoys cables disrupting whatever activity they are undertaking. For iPhone users, Earpods are a great option. For anyone else looking for affordable goods, the Jabra Move brand of wireless headphones is worth trying.  
  • Portable Speaker Beoplay. If you are planning to have a party at the beach, a portable Bluetooth speaker will come in handy. The portable Beoplay A1 Speaker is convenient and can retain charge for up to 24 hours.
  • Kindle Voyage. Kindle is a stylish book-reading gadget. The Kindle Voyage is a unique model that features a high definition display. Its battery life can last for weeks, while the PagePress sensors make flipping pages easy.
  • Micro Travel Adapters. It gets recommended if you are planning to travel far for summer. You may not be as enthusiastic about stuffing them into the luggage, but the tiny MICRO looks good and works efficiently.
  • Fitbit Flex2. The gadget is for those active vacationists who plan to keep fit while still enjoying their holiday. The device tracks your calorie burn, how long you were busy, and the number of steps taken. It is impermeable, allowing one to track swimming activities.
  • Water Bottle – CamelBak Purifier. Clean water is essential, and the water bottle comes with an in-built purification system. It makes the water bottle efficient for the adventurers.
  • Espresso Maker – Wacaco. The portable device is hand operated and does not need electricity. It also looks good.
  • Freemove Hydration Package. A good hydration pack is perfect for outdoor escapades, and this particular one can fit well into a backpack.
  • Blowup Bubble Tent – RelaxNow. These have become popular as they provide an unlimited vision of the skies while keeping comfortable.
  • Eye Massager – Breo. The long trips to your summer destination might leave you tired and in need of relaxation. The eye massager uses vibrations and air pressure to rejuvenate tired eyes.
  • GoPro Hero 5. A very flexible, waterproof, and 4K video camera. Perfect for both your land and underwater videography.
  • Bluesmart One-Smart Luggage. A revolution in the travel industry. The suitcase comes with a GPS locator, USB port, remote locking system, and solar-powered batteries. 


With the rapid growth in the world of technology, traveling is now more exciting. Many companies have invented devices to make the traveler’s journey easier and enjoyable. Not having to worry about things like luggage safety, capturing the moment, fitness, and health, among others.

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