YouTube Channel Downloader: How to Download an Entire YouTube Channel

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This YouTube Channel Downloader will help you download entire YouTube channels including all their contents from playlists or uploads.

You now have the power to entirely rip a YouTube channel.

I have used this youtube playlist downloader tool to download entire video tutorial series from multiple playlists. It’s so easy to use and the downloads are fast.

The best way to download a YouTube playlist is by using a download manager like Internet Download Manager, copy all the Youtube playlist videos to the clipboard and add batch download in IDM.

This way you get to see all the videos in the playlist, their sizes and names then you proceed to download them all. You can also schedule or queue your downloads so you can choose to download one after the other or two at a time, you could even download all at the same time.

YouTube Channel Downloader Features

  1. Download an entire YouTube channel is minutes
  2. Free and Fast YouTube video downloading
  3. Bulk YouTube videos downloading

Who is this for?

If you enjoy watching someone’s video on YouTube or want to learn different skills from a video series on YouTube.

Instead of viewing one video at a time, you can download the whole channel with all the existing public videos present in the channel.


  1. Free to use
  2. No YouTube channel limit
  3. Fast download speed and resume support


  • Use service with caution. Don’t abuse this tool
  • This tool doesn’t exactly favor YouTubers

How to Download an Entire YouTube Channel

How to Download an Entire YouTube Channel

This is the best part of the post which contains the exact steps you need to download an entire YouTube channel for free using a Youtube playlist downloader and Internet Download Manager.

  • Go to YouTube Channel Downloader Online through this link, click on Channel to use the Channel Downloader function.
  • Open YouTube, navigate to the channel you want to download.
  • Copy the Channel URL link from the address bar at the top of the web browser.
  • We go back to YouTube Channel Downloader Online, scroll down and Paste the link in “Channel Link” and click on Download.
    • Optional: You have the choice of choosing your Quality, I leave mine at MP4 720P and leave the other two options ticked.
  • So, after pasting the link and clicking on download, wait for few seconds for the entire channel videos to be indexed and converted to download link. The number of seconds you waste depends on the size of the YouTube channel you want to download.
  • Copy all links by pressing Ctrl+A on your keyboard or click -hold and drag your mouse to copy all the links within the box.
  • Open Internet Download Manager (IDM) and click on “Add Batch Download from Clipboard.”
  • Wait for few seconds or IDM to capture the links and generate a download link for all the links you copied then click on “Check All” and OK.
  • The entire YouTube channel videos links are now in IDM and ready to be downloaded with resume support.
  • So, that’s how you use YouTube Channel Downloader to download entire YouTube Playlist videos.

Similar Services/Alternatives

I found a YouTube Playlist downloader alternative which is – YouTube Multi Downloader Online v4

This service isn’t a YouTube channel downloader but still makes an excellent alternative for you to bulk download YouTube videos online.

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